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According to a survey conducted in the US, it has come up that 57% of pet parents cannot afford to pay for surgeries and treatments of their pets, 49% of people had to put down their pets due to some serious undiagnosed illness, and 65% of pet parents encountered unexpected heavy expenses due to some medical emergency for their pets. Shocked? These numbers speak for themselves when we say that there is a need for a solution that helps get these cases down. 

Have you ever thought of adopting pets but stopped yourself thinking that medical expenses might be high and would be a financial burden for you? Have you ever wondered how to tell if your dog is healthy? A lot of people think about that when looking to take the responsibility of a pet. 

At PawsIndia, we were in search of answers and solutions to these issues. Something that enables parents to reduce their expense, and also save time lost in pet visits. Like a go-to and reliable dog health tracker. Especially urban parents who live their lives constantly multi-tasking. Something that is effective, efficient, and pocket friendly. 


What is Fitpet Ahead?

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Fitpet Ahead is the easiest and the most advanced solution for you to tackle all the problems currently faced and stay on top of your pet’s health. Fitpet Ahead, a dog health test kit, with the help of urinalysis, can detect your pet’s health status and give you a detailed analysis of his/her health at the touch of your smartphone. Which means you can now detect any early warning signs of any health issue and get to the bottom of them, and even prevent them.

This dog health test kit, allows you to check your pet’s health status at the top of your mobile phone, so you can prevent any diseases in advance. And this can be achieved in a minute’s time. 10 diseases detected, with 99% accuracy. 

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The need for fitpet Ahead

When your pet licks it’s stomach, or any other body part drinks an excessive amount of water or even no water at all, or even seem unusually blue, it may be their call for help to let you know that something is wrong. And we usually tend to overlook these tiny hints, leading to the rise of some serious illness. Even if we pick up on these hints, we tend to delay vet visits which leads to lack of detecting the illness. This results in excessive treatments like surgery, intense pain for your dog, and sometimes even death of your beloved companion. All this can be put behind you with fitpet Ahead. 

Does your dog have allergies, and need constant vet visits due to continuous health issues? fitpet Ahead is an excellent product for you too. 

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How to test your pet for diseases:

Step 1: Coat the test strip with urine and absorb any excess into an absorbent paper. 

Step 2: Place the strip in the middle of the colour chart.

Step 3: Level the colour chart and your smartphone under white or natural light where there is no shade or shadow. 

Step 4: Check the real-time results once the app automatically scans and analyzes the test strip. 

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Features of fitpet Ahead:

  • a holistic urinalysis
  • Can detect 10 diseases 
  • a duration of 10 seconds. 
  • an accuracy of 99%
  • hassle-free
  • easy-to-use test kit
  • 10 parameters. 
  • It only takes a minute to detect
  • Detailed analysis on app
  • Fitpet app and Ahead user-friendly.

Fitpet app will automatically analyze 10 different parameters and detect more than 10 possible diseases.

  • 10 Parameters including Leukocytes, Protein, pH, Nitrite, Ketone, Specific Gravity, Occult Blood, Bilirubin and Urobilinogen.
  • 10 Diseases including but not limited to Diabetes, Bladder Stone, Bladder Infection, Urinary Stone, Liver-Gallbladder Disease, Diabetes Insipidus, Ketoacidosis, Hemolytic Anemia, Renal Failure and Urinary Infection.

Based on internationally patented deep-learning technology and algorithm co-developed by professional veterinarians and engineering doctors.

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About Ahead app: A pet health tracking app. 

With the Fitpet app available on the App Store and Google Play, you will be able to understand your pets’ health status instantly. Fitpet Ahead an app for pets ensures 99% accuracy based on internationally patented deep-learning technology. The image processing algorithm has been learning more than 100,000 images and continues to grow every day. Integrating all our top-notch technologies, we guarantee robust performance to protect your pets.

The app offers one of the finest user experiences. Fitpet Ahead an app for dogs is compatible with the operating systems listed below.

  • iOS 10.0 or later
  • Android 5.0 or later (Samsung Galaxy Note 3/ A30/ J4+; LG G3/ X4+; or similar models)
  • Android 6.0 or later (Samsung Galaxy Note 5/ S6/ A5/ J5/ On7/ Wide3; LG V20/ G5; or similar models)
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1. Real-time results: 

Within a minutes time, fitpet app gives you a detailed report of 10 different parameters. 

2. Detailed Information:

With the help of accredited veterinary expertise, the app’s test analysis including information like explanations, suspicious symptoms, potential diseases, and solutions.

3. Health Management:

Historical test data is stored in chronological order, so you can track your pet’s health status over the months and years.  

Wit fitpet ahead we aim to make lives of pets and pet parents as easy and convenient as possible. Allow parents to stay worry-free about their pet’s health status. You can learn more about fitpet ahead here

Pawsindia has a modern and tech-friendly approach to pet care. We believe that dogs require an equal amount of attention, love and care as any humans. 

Dog parents are usually unaware of the critical care and love it takes to raise your dog right. 

 We, at PawsIndia, aim to make the lives of pet parents easy and convenient and also pamper your furry friends and shower them with the love they deserve. Staying true to our promise of being there for you and your furry friends, we hope our handpicked and curated pamper goodies will make your as well as you and your dog’s lives better!

It’s all about convenience.

We have spent hours to make the

Our technology delivers real-time

results in just one minute.

A scan is all it takes.

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