Walking Your Dogs Have Never Been Easier!


Have multiple dogs in your household? Looking to teaching dog to walk on leash? We are sure walks for you must be tricky and a big mess especially when you are outnumbered by the dogs. And, no one likes beautiful walks getting ruined by tangling leashes and constant tugging! Also, don’t get us started on the constant worry of dropping a lead or the leashes getting entangled. And the possibility of causing an injury or, at the very least, discomfort is enough to distract you from a good walk. 

So, how do you walk multiple dogs at once effectively? How do you take charge of these walks? 

We have an answer. Ever heard of double dog leash

The dual dog leash is made of two leashes linked together on a single handle. Dual leash for dogs is a leash designed to walk multiple dogs at once or even one dog which is very strong and hard to control. They allow you to control two dogs with just one leash. Sounds convenient right? There is more, dual leash for dogs also helps you prevent tangling and even help enforce leash manners on your dogs. It is difficult or impossible for the two leashes to become tangled.

We bring you, dual leash, an innovative product, that is designed to make the experience of walking dogs convenient, and easy for dog parents. This dual leash online is brought to India by PawsIndia, keeping in mind the needs of Indian multiple pet owners. 

Dual leash online at PawsIndia as the name suggests is a leash that is designed to walk 2 dogs at a time or even walk one dog for a powerful grip. Be your pet a big dog or a tiny puppy, this leash is designed for dogs of all types. This dog leash for two dogs has multiple features that make the leash an excellent choice for many dog owners.

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Features of Dual leash: 

  • The criss-cross metal clasp allows you to walk two dogs at a time, with a tangle-free experience. Which can be a stress buster for a lot of parents.  
  • The soft cushion padding gives you an easy and comfortable grip. 
  • You can even use the leash for hikes and long walks without any discomfort to your hands. 
  • The leash is extremely durable, lightweight but heavy duty. 
  • Easy to clean and wash, the leash is efficient. 
  • The leash is 50 inches/ 127 cm in length which is great to give your dog some space but still be within a certain distance. 
  • The leash is made of heavy-duty, lightweight, woven nylon, and polyester fabric.

Walking your pets on a dual retractable dog leash can have many benefits, to you as well as your dogs. 

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Benefits of tangle-free dual dog leash:

  • Walk and control two dogs with a single leash.
  • Tangle-free walking experience with the help of an effective mechanism.
  • The two end leads separate making your pets trot at their individual pace. 
  • With each lead you can control each dog individually, ensuring control by correcting the behavior of one while still allowing others to go about their own.
  • Walk one strong dog with both leads for better control

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How to walk 2 dogs with Dual Leash: 

As effective and useful the dual leash is, it is equally important to get your dogs used to the leashes. Training your dogs for the walks with the dual leash is equally important. 

Once your dogs trust the leash and understand how it works, they will be all set for walks with the dual dog leashes. 

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Here are a few tricks you can use to train your dogs with the dual leash:

  • Shortening the leash when necessary:

If your dog does not listen to instructions when on a walk, you can shorten the leash to assert more control, giving lesser lead for you to control and for your dog to roam. 

A short leash leaves your dog no option but to walk tightly, staying close to you thus leading them not misbehaving. 

This will require quite a bit of training for your dog to understand and consistent walks with the dual leash will train your dog just right. 

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  • Start with one dog at a time:

Start with one dog at a time and then a few weeks down the line, your dogs will be comfortable enough to enjoy their walks on the dual leash. Practising individually will allow you to get a better idea of how each dog needs to be controlled and guided. 

Once you have a clear idea of the walking patterns of both the dogs, you are all set for a beautiful walk to remember.

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  • Keep the dogs close to you:

Making your dogs walk right by your side and as close as possible, will help them understand that you are going to be by their side at all times. This will allow them to get used to the walks and also set a course for what to expect. 

Tightening the grip when they get distracted will help them stay on the course and isolate them from any distractions on the path. 

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  • Let them sniff and roam after the walks: 

After a disciplined walk, you should allow them to roam around a little and sniff for being disciplined throughout. After all, they earned it. This will allow them to explore a little and feel satisfied. 

This will also show them that you appreciate them for being good during the walk, which will show in the walks to come. 

Follow these tips on how to walk 2 dogs together. Make sure you invest in a good leash and walk your dogs consistently. Share these tips with your friends so they can walk their dogs better. 

We, at PawsIndia, aim to make the lives of pet parents easy and convenient and also pamper your furry friends and shower them with the love they deserve. Staying true to our promise of being there for you and your furry friends, we hope our handpicked and curated pamper goodies will make your as well as you and your dog’s lives better!

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