Thinking of Getting a Toy Breed Dog? Know the Pros and Cons


Becoming a pet parent is a blessing to many, but there are several important decisions you need to make before you get a dog. The most important decision would be the breed you decide to get. We are going to discuss the very popular toy breed dogs and the challenges you face if you adopt one.

Nowadays, they have become a fashion statement as celebrities carry toy breed dogs in their purse, but they are more than an accessory. They become our companions; hence, you need to study more about them before you commit to anything. They might look small, but they need a lot of attention and care, perhaps even more than the bigger dog breeds. Here are a few positives and negatives of getting one.


Disadvantages of a Small Dog Breed:

Let us highlight the negatives first before we jump on to the positives.


1. Small Dogs Can Be Less Social:

 Small dogs get attached to their pet parents a lot and cannot watch them give someone else that attention. They do not get that close to any outsider easily. Obviously, this depends on specific breeds as well, but this is, in general, the case. If you are looking for a toy breed dog as friendly as the Golden Retriever, then better opt for a designer toy breed like the Goldendoodle that will get some of the parent's traits. You will be surprised to find that these designer breeds are also abandoned a lot of times. Before you go to a breeder, first check out Goldendoodle rescues for adoption.


2. Small Dogs Can Be Loud:

 If you are assuming that large dogs are loud, that is untrue. Actually, many small dogs like Chihuahuas bark a lot as they tend to have a big personality, and barking is how they get over their small size. You need to correct this behavior when they are puppy or else, they will assume it is ok to bark a lot.


3. Small Dogs are More Fragile:

 This one is obvious. They are tiny, which means they are delicate and need to be handled carefully. If you have kids at home, they need to be careful around the dogs too. You need to look out for accidents to protect your small dog. They are closer to the ground, which means not easily visible if you are not looking down. Their bones are thinner and fragile as well, hence handle them with care.


4. Small Dogs are Less Active:

 Small dogs have less energy, hence get tired really easily. They do enjoy their short walks but get tired easily. If you are looking for a hiking company, then better go for a larger dog breed with high energy. Small dogs do not need outdoor activity as they get enough exercise indoors. Small dogs have a higher heart rate, so they cannot exert themselves much.


5. Smaller Dogs Can Be Harder to Train:

 Small dogs can be smart, but they are harder to house-train as their bad habits get unnoticed. You have to train a large breed dog, or you may be unable to control the dog as it grows bigger. This is not the case with toy breeds. Hence, their training is not taken very seriously by most owners.


Advantage of Small Dog Breed:

 Yes, there are several cons but we are sure these pros outweigh them.


1. Small Dogs Cost Less to Feed:

 This is an undeniable thing you must already be aware of. Having a large dog breed also means feeding them more food. Good quality dog food is expensive. Hence, small dogs have less appetite, and their dog food will last longer.


2. Small Dogs are Easier to Groom:

 Small dogs are easier to control physically as compared to bigger dogs. Getting your Golden Retriever to take a bath is not the same as making your Toy Goldendoodle bathe. This is true with their overall grooming as well. Hence, it is easier to groom small dogs.


3. Small Dogs are Easy to Transport:

Being a small dog means you can easily pick up the dog and carry it along with you anywhere. They will easily be allowed on public transport, and people will be more accepting of the dog. If it is a large dog, you will have to leash it before taking the dog out, and also, there will be apprehensive people who would not like to travel with you. Toy breed dogs are lap dogs, so they need no additional space while traveling with you. Some airlines even let you carry your dogs in the cabin if they weigh less than 6 kilos.


4. Small Dogs are Easier Apartment Dogs:

 Because of their small size, it is easier to care for a toy breed when you live in an apartment. It is preferable to care for a larger dog if you live in a house with a backyard. But, if you live in an apartment, it is ideal for keeping small dogs that do not need much exercise.


5. Small Dogs are Easy to Walk:

 Dogs need daily walks. If you have a larger dog, they will have more energy to burn. Hence, you need to walk them for more time. Toy breeds have less energy, so if you play with them at home, it is enough for them to burn off their energy. If you are not that active daily, they are the perfect breed for you.


6. Smaller Breeds Don’t Require a Lot of Space:

 A large dog makes its presence felt in the house, whereas a toy breed does not really take up much space. If you have a small house, it is better to adopt a small dog who will not make your home look smaller.


The Bottom Line:

 As you have seen, small dogs have both advantages and disadvantages attached to them. This depends on your preferences and what you can deal with. You may love large dogs, but your lifestyle may not be fit to adopt one. Hence you can go for a smaller dog breed. Small dogs are better for city life simply because of space constraints. You need to educate yourself more about the potential challenges that surround the breed you decide to adopt. This way, you ensure that you make the right choice and your furry friend gets a permanent home.

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