Top 10 Toys for your Dogs


There’s an extensive world of dog toys waiting for you to explore. Luckily, you got us to help you from witnessing the destroyed remains of that toy you bought out of love for your dog just yesterday.

It is challenging to land on 1 single toy in this endless sea of varieties of balls, frisbees, rubbers, ropes all clamouring for your attention.

We decided to save you the hassle and present you with the top ten must-have dog toys from PawsIndia.

First, why do your pets need toys?

Here are some benefits of getting a toy for your dog:

  • Exercise
  • Stress Relief
  • Dental Health
  • Intellectual Stimulation
  • Bonding


Types of Toys

 Toys serve a greater purpose than just to give you fun bonding sessions with your dog. They can be used for training and even as meal providers. Toys are especially useful if you are leaving your dog alone for an extended period.

Due to their nature and the result they have on dogs upon usage, there are different types of toys, namely:

  • Engaging Toys
  • Treat-dispensing toys
  • Training Toys
  • Fetch Toys
  • Tug Toys
  • Durability

Let's dive straight into the list, here are the top 10 must-have dog toys, from PawsIndia:

Wicked Ball:

Cheerble wicked ball is a smart toy for curious pets. It will keep your pets company whether you are around or not. It inspires your pets to run, explore, scratch, sniff and provide them with mental as well as physical exercise. Wicked Ball is designed to eliminate boredom and anxiety, giving them much-needed interaction, joy, activity, and daily exercise which they crave in your absence. The hidden reward feature makes it all the more engaging. This versatile toy can be used by both cats and dogs and is equally engaging and entertaining for both.

Wicked Bone:

Wicked Bone is the smartest toy you can get for your dog. Normal bones are known to cause gastric problems in dogs and don't give much feedback to enhance activity and play. Whereas, Wickedbone is a fun and interactive toy that demands activity. Boost your dog's curiosity with the power of interaction. Train them to catch moving objects. The automatic movement feature ensures constant engagement and activity. The Wicked Bone even allows pet parents to control the toy with an app. You can even select from a range of different pre-set modes that suites your dog better. All these features work in unison to provide your pet with physical and mental stimulation.

Dental Toy:

Dental Toy is a unique chew toy made of natural rubber that is safe for dogs to chew. When your dog chews on the toy, it cleans their teeth by reaching places that are difficult for us to reach. This ensures good dental health. A lot of dogs have separation anxiety. This toy helps dogs deal with their stress by keeping them occupied and busy. The toy has many dental benefits in dogs as well as puppies. It helps teething puppies calm their chewing needs. Aggressive dogs tend to chew on furniture, tear clothes, of many other things. The toy helps calm their aggressive behaviour by providing them with the necessary stimulus and exercise.

Croc Dental Toy:

The Croc Dental Toy cleans your dog's teeth by getting into complex spaces where your dog doesn't let you go or you can't reach. You can even use toothpaste or peanut butter to get better cleaning. The toy helps reduce tartar and freshens their breath. It helps teething puppies calm their chewing needs. Aggressive dogs tend to chew on furniture, tear clothes, of many other things. The toy helps calm their aggressive behaviour by providing them with the necessary stimulus and exercise.

Trembling Monster:

The trembling monster is an intriguing dog toy. It gives your pet much-needed everyday playfulness and activity. The vibration, jumps and barking sound combined with the plush cover that looks and feels like fur simulates the feeling of PREY in your dog's mind. Just turn it on and keep your dog entertained for hours. This smart toy will boost your dog's natural curiosity while keeping them engaged, and free of anxiety. It'll provide necessary physical exercise while you work.

Treat Tumbler:

The Treat Tumbler is a fun interactive and rewarding toy to keep your pets engaged for hours. A slow feeder that dispenses treats when moved in a certain way. It is built like a maze inside through which a treat needs to travel to get out of the toy and reach your pet's hungry mouth. Your pet can see, smell, hear and later taste the treat while playing. It teaches your dog patience and makes them work for their food. Help your dog fight obesity effectively and make them active.

Tug of War:

One can never go wrong with rope toys for dogs. Tug of War is India’s one of its kind chewing companion for your dog. This is one of the best dog rope toys for aggressive chewers. Aesthetically handmade in India from 100% cotton, this rope toy for dogs is great for your dog’s tugging and chewing needs. This animal rope toy for dogs is perfect for teething puppies who end up chewing all things around the house. The toy is especially great for puppies going through the process of teething when they are about 3 weeks old and this process lasts up to when they are 6 weeks old. The toy is also great for playing catch with your dog and even a better alternative to tennis balls as it is made from cotton which makes it non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Tug of Wall:

Ready, Set, TUG!

Are you too tired to play tug of war with your dog? Then your doggo has finally got a worthy tugging opponent. The Tug of Wall uses suction to stay in its place and proves to be a strong tugging competitor for your pooches. It is a perfect chew toy to enhance their teeth and keep them active. The molar bite toy that dangles out is a chew toy in which you can even store treats. This self-play dog toy ensures that your dog is engaged in tugging all day long while treating them in the process.

Magic Roller:

Are you a busy parent too? Hand this toy to your needy furry kid and give them all the attention and physical exercise. The Magic Roller is the best pet toy for pet simulation. It's a battery-operated toy that rolls automatically and silently piques your pet's interest. An electric vibrator is hidden in a non-toxic plastic ball and covered with plush covers that help its movement. Cleaning is also not a hassle because of several soft, spongy covers to change as per need. Just switch it on and watch the ball run places.


Enlarge your tugging competition. Enlarge is a carefully crafted toy that aims to make playtimes for dogs more safe and fun. The toy is made out of entirely non-toxic materials for safe and enjoyable playtime. It comes with crinkle paper to make sounds to keep your puppy engaged and a waterproof layer to keep the toy clean and not hold your doggy's drool. Enlarge dog toy keeps their teeth clean by cleaning the teeth when your doggo chews and tugs on them. All this chewing and tugging is suitable for dogs as it strengthens their jaw, teeth, and gums.

Plush Toys:

The Sleepy Animal Soft Toys are interactive soft toys for pets. Their limbs are made of rope keeping in mind the chewing and tugging tendencies of dogs. The soft cotton body is extremely comfortable to touch and gentle on a dog's fur. The toy is apt for dogs to satisfy their chewing needs. The toy helps battle obesity in dogs by keeping them active and engaged by meeting their exercise needs. The toy is also a great help to anxious dogs and helps tackle boredom, separation anxiety, or aggression.

PawsIndia is a one-stop-shop pet portal for all your pet product needs. We are a leading product development and design company for pets. Our strive for innovation reflects in all our products. We are the forerunners of e-com platforms that provide content, serve local businesses with handcrafted products, and are the ultimate platform for the well-being of your pet.

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With PawsIndia – You Parent, We Pamper.

Let's revolutionize the pet space together.


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