10 Fun Tricks To Teach Your Dog


Teaching your dog, a new trick is always easier than you think. Dogs, in fact, like the challenge of learning new skills, as well as the inevitable treats that come with it. It's critical to have lots of nutritious snacks on hand if you want to train your dog. Focus on the basics first and keep your training sessions approximately 10 minutes long to prevent your dog from becoming bored.

When rewarding your dog after a successful trick, give them the treat as soon as possible so they associate the behaviour with getting food. We've looked at some of the simpler but entertaining tricks you can teach your dog below, but remember to be patient—some dogs take longer to learn than others.


  1. Shake Hands: While your dog is seated, hold a reward just out of reach in front of it. Tap one of your dog's front feet with your hand that isn't holding the treat while repeating the phrase "shake hands." To get the treat, most dogs will elevate their paw. Catch your dog's paw with your non-treat-holding hand as it lifts its paw, and repeat the word "shake hands" so the dog associates the action with the command. Rep these procedures until your dog lifts his paw naturally when the command is given.


  1. Spin: While holding a treat in front of your dog's nose, move the treat to the side of his head and force him to follow the reward. Continue to move the treat around your dog until it has to spin. Give the dog the treat once it has completed the circle. Use the command word "spin" before presenting the treat.


  1. Kiss: Because dogs enjoy licking, this might be a difficult technique to master at first. While holding a reward in your hand, say "kiss" to your dog. Before moving your cheek towards your dog, wait until its nose touches yours. Back up as soon as it starts and give the dog the goody before it licks you. Your dog will learn to softly touch you with its nose to get food if you do it quickly enough.


  1. Speak: It's a lovely method to teach your dog to talk on-demand, but it can be challenging for dogs who bark a lot. If your dog is extremely noisy, you may need to teach them the "quiet" command first. After your dog barks, wait for a few moments of silence before rewarding and treating him. Make your dog bark naturally to teach him to talk on command. Say your cue word in a clear voice as your dog barks, such as "speak" or "talk." Give your dog a treat or a toy as a reward for his or her good behaviour. Rep to this process until your dog grasps the concept.


  1. Fetch: Start by throwing a little distance with a ball or toy that your dog enjoys. Most dogs will chase and pick up the ball on their own. The moment your dog picks up the ball, tell them to "come" and entice them to return to you by speaking in a pleasant voice and praising it. Use the word "drop it" to urge your dog to release the ball to you when it comes to you.


  1. Roll Over: Place your dog in a "down" position in front of you, then hold a goodie near their nose. Slowly move your hand with the treat to the side of their head, gently turning their nose towards their shoulder. Your dog will tumble on their side as their nose pursues the goodie. Reward them with a treat and lots of compliments. Continue to repeat the manoeuvre and add the command "turn over" to help them link it with a reward.


  1. Crawl: Place your dog in a "down" position and hold a reward in your palm for him to smell and lick but not quite reach. Slowly move the treat backwards in front of your dog's nose, forcing your dog to crawl to reach it. Reward and praise your dog every few inches. Rep the trick, this time requiring your dog to crawl a little further each time before receiving the food.


  1. Lay Down: Ask your dog to sit while holding a goodie in your hand. From your dog's nose to their chest, then straight down to the floor, move your hand. When your dog is lowering itself to the floor, say "down." It is suggested that you do this a few times in short, consistent sessions.


  1. Wave: Get your dog to sit and give you a command to shake a paw, but keep your hand above the dog's head. When they try to shake your hand, tell them to say "bye." Move your hand away from your dog and give an up-and-down wave. Your dog will miss your hand when you pull it back and wave in the air. Reward the dog for this behaviour by praising them and giving them treats.


  1. Pick up your toys: To begin, throw one of your dog's toys across the room. Request your dog to retrieve and return it to you as you hold a treat over its toy basket. Hold the reward directly over the basket and order your dog to drop the toy into the basket when it returns to you with the toy. Make sure you praise and treat your dog soon.


We're sure you can't wait to start trick training your dog with such a fantastic selection of tricks! Start with some of the simpler tricks if you're a newbie. This will help you become more comfortable speaking with your dog and make moving on to more difficult tasks much easier.

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