Pet Care Do’s & Don'ts for your Pet's

Bringing a new dog home is a joy for everyone, but it doesn't imply everything will be rainbows and sunshine afterwards. Before bringing a puppy into your house, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Use this brief list of do's and don'ts to help you decide how to go with your newest four-legged adventure.


  • Research about pet foods. Read the ingredients as though you were preparing your meal. Many pet foods claim to be nutritious, but they aren't. Consult your veterinarian if you're not sure which ingredients your pet requires.
  • Visit your veterinarian for immunizations and routine health care regularly. The adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" rings true.
  • Feed at regular intervals; typically, dog food is supposed to be given for 10-20 minutes before being taken away. Feed three times a day until the baby is six to nine months old, then twice a day as an adult.
  • Feed your puppy high-quality puppy food. We normally recommend switching to adult food for larger breeds between 4 and 7 months of age. The change can take a little longer for smaller breeds, approximately 6-9 months of age.
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  • Offer your pupper some new and safe toys such as Chew Toys and Rope Toys from Pawsindia. Puppies have a natural desire to chew and require an appropriate outlet, which these toys are designed to provide.
  • Recognize and reward positive behaviour. Catch them doing something well and reward them with praise and/or a small taste of their favourite meal.
  • Take your puppy outside regularly, such as after meals or drinking, and every two to three hours when they are small. Because the smell of pee and faeces will encourage them to eliminate, take them to the same location each time and reward them if they do. Crate training can be beneficial when it comes to house training your dog.
  • Gradually but steadily introduce your puppy to known people and pets. Because a puppy's first year of life is similar to 15 human years, proper socialisation results in a well-adjusted, outgoing, and friendly pet.


  • Overfeed your pet. We can't help but offer them extra little goodies or second helpings of food when they gaze at us with those eyes. Overfeeding your pet results in excess weight, which can lead to costly health problems and even death.
  • Wait till your puppy becomes ill before visiting a veterinarian. Puppies' immune systems are weaker than adults, and they are frequently exposed to parasites. Your veterinarian will make numerous cost-effective recommendations to help keep your new family member healthy.
  • Keep food on hand at all times. If dogs are permitted to eat at any time of day, they generally gain weight and become picky eaters.
  • Feed generic or low-quality food brands. Numerous high-quality, low-cost diets on the market will keep your companion happy and healthy for years to come. Consult your veterinarian for advice before you change your dog's diet.
  • Don’t allow your puppy to chew on your fingers or other body parts. When the dog gets older, this can become a significant problem that is difficult to break and may result in damage. Don't allow him to chew on your shoes, socks, or other clothing. Dogs can't tell the difference between new and old stuff, so if they're left alone, they'll probably gnaw on the wrong thing. You can get your dog chew toys from Pawsindia to let your dog enjoy chewing.
  • Use a firm hand in enforcing the rules. Excessive punishment can make a dog afraid and lead to behavioural issues. Only use a loud deep noise or a grasp on the nape of the neck to chastise a dog if you catch him or her "in the act." The dog will not identify the punishment with discipline if more than three seconds have gone.
  • Allow your puppy to be left alone for significant periods, especially during the formative months. If you must be gone for a long amount of time for business or other reasons, try to leave your puppy with a family member or a friend, or take them with you!
  • Take your puppy to dog parks, public locations, or uncharted territory where disease transmission is a possibility. Puppies are not fully protected by their vaccines until they reach the age of four months.

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