How Can i Tell if my Dog has an Infection : Simple Remedies to Cure

Dog Skin infection

Dogs have frequently been referred to as "man's best friend," and if you are a dog lover, you will know this is true. Dogs give their owners comfort and companionship and in return, the owners care for and protect the dog from adversaries. Like humans, dogs are prone to diseases, especially skin infections. 

Infections are one of the most common problems in dogs. Dogs can suffer from a number of infections, including allergies, insect bites, or bacterial/fungal infections. If left untreated, infections can cause extreme discomfort in dogs. Thus, it is necessary to take precautions and consult a vet immediately, if the need arises. Keep on reading to know more about infections in dogs and how to check whether your dog has a skin infection or not. 

How to Check Your Dog for Skin Infections

Skin infections can be caused by a variety of things like bacteria or fungi. Here are a few common types of skin infections in dogs. 

1) Food and environmental allergies

Like humans, even your furry friend can get allergic reactions due to a particular ingredient in their food or the environment. Allergens like pollen and dust particles in the air might cause an itching sensation in your dog. When the itching starts, your dogs will continuously scratch their skin, which might lead to sores and scabs.

2) Bacterial infection

If you see inflamed and infected hair follicles, there might be chances that your dog is infected with a bacterial infection. You might even notice red swellings, boils and your dog itching regularly. 

Dog Skin infection

3) Mange

Mites are the organisms that cause mange illness in dogs. Mange produces excruciating itching, which can quickly develop into lesions, blisters, hair loss, and scabs.

Dog Skin infection

4) Fungal infection

Yeast is frequently the source of fungal infections, which are one of the most prevalent skin illnesses in dogs. Because of allergies and oil overproduction, the number of yeast cells on your dog's skin rises over time. 

Skin infections are fairly easy to note due to changes in hair quality or frequent scratching by your dogs. 

Other Types Of Infections In Dogs

Infections are a prevalent issue in dogs. Some illnesses are simpler to identify than others, and your pet may exhibit varied symptoms depending on the location of the problem.

Dog Skin Infection

Ear Infection

Many dog owners have learned to recognise the symptoms of an ear infection: whimpering, scratching, and head shaking are frequently the first indicators of the condition. Ear infections are frequent in dogs, particularly those with floppy ears and are caused by bacteria, yeast, or a combination of both. 

  • How to check for an ear infection?

Moist skin, wax buildup, or foreign bodies are common reasons for ear infections in dogs. If you find your dog shaking the head or scratching continuously, smelling a foul odour, redness and swelling near the ear canal or crusting or scabs in the ears, then there are chances your dog is suffering from an ear infection. 

Dog Skin Infection

Eye Infection

There are countless reasons for your dog to suffer from an eye infection, but a little precaution can help your dog avoid it. Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, inflammation of the cornea, tear gland issues, and uveitis are some of the most common eye infections. 

  • How to check for an eye infection?

There could be many reasons for eye infection, but the most common are viruses, bacteria, fungus pores, irritants, and parasites. You might see redness or swelling near your puppy's eyes, watery discharge or tearing, squinting and blinking and continuous pawing or rubbing the eye. If you find these signs, it would be appropriate to visit a vet as a thorough check may be needed. 

Dog Skin infection

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infections are most commonly observed in female dogs. UTIs can be painful and further lead to urine infection or kidney problems. In most cases, UTIs can be resolved easily with treatment and do not cause any lasting damage.

  • How to check for a Urinary Tract infection?

The dogs affected with UTI may frequent urination or accidents happening in the house, strain to urinate and sometimes pass blood. Other signs to check for UTI might include your dog licking around the urinary opening or sometimes fever. 

Tooth Infections

Just like humans, even your dog can suffer from tooth infections. One of the most common reasons for tooth infection in a dog is a dental abscess which occurs when bacteria enters the root of a tooth. It happens because of any underlying gum disease or infection or due to the breaking of a tooth. 

  • How to check for Tooth Infections?

The most common symptoms of tooth infections you will observe in your pup are bad breath and reluctance to chew on his toys or may pull away when his head is touched. Teeth infections are painful, but your dog might not necessarily show obvious signs of pain. You might also observe that he is eating or chewing from one side of the mouth only or food dropping while eating. Some dogs might paw at the affected side of their face or rub their face along the ground.

Pay Attention To Your Pet's Symptoms: Examine Your Dog At Home

There is no substitute for expert care, but you can always look for the symptoms at home to help your pup. As the person who spends the most time with your dog, you are in a unique position to make observations and detect problems. And the sooner you detect possible issues, the sooner your dog can start healing.

At-home exams aren't as difficult as they appear. The following veterinarian-approved ideas and methods are both safe and easy to use.

Dog Skin Infection

1) Lumps, Bumps & Redness

Lumps, bumps and redness on the skin or parts of the skin are the first sign of skin infection in dogs. Since dogs are most prone to ticks and fleas, it is always better to keep a check on them. If you find any of these irritating to your dog, then it's better to consult a vet for further diagnosis. 

Dog Skin Infection

2) Check your dog's mouth 

Examine the interiors of your dog's mouth to check for any prevailing teeth or gum infections. Check for the presence of tartar, which is the gateway to dental disease. Also, check for broken teeth as they might become infected. You can easily check your dog's mouth while brushing his teeth

Dog Skin Infection

3) Monitor body weight

Checking your dog's body weight might flag possible issues, especially if there is a significant change. Substantial weight loss may indicate a major health problem such as diabetes, inadequate nutrition, organ failure, cancer, or infection. Significant weight gain might be the result of hypothyroidism, intestinal parasites, overeating, or heart failure.

Dog Skin infection

4) Check for temperature

If you fear your dog is unwell, having vital signs on hand—heart and respiratory rates, as well as temperature—can help you communicate with the doctor or technician more quickly. To check heartbeats or breaths, you should look at the number of breaths/heartbeat your dog takes in a minute. 

5) Vomiting/Diarrhoea

Pets often vomit on occasion without being seriously ill. But if your pet is vomiting frequently, especially several times in one day, acting dull and losing appetite then it's best to consult a vet. 

How To Prevent Your Dog From Catching Infections

We all hate watching our dog whimpering in pain due to sickness. When your dog is leaping up and down, hoovering up leftover food and cuddling with you when your favourite TV show is on, you love them. So, how can you keep your dog from getting sick?

Below are some solutions to prevent your dog from contracting infections;

Dog Grooming Products

1) Hygiene

The first and foremost step to avoid your pet from getting an infection is to maintain his hygiene. Keep your dog and its environment clean. You can use dog grooming products to bathe your dogs and dog paw protectors to keep your furry friend's paws safe and secure while on his daily walks. 

Dog Peanut butter

2) Immune System

To prevent your dog from getting sick, you can take steps to bolster your puppy's immune system. The first thing to do is check their diet. Your dog needs a vital and balanced diet to keep its immune system healthy and active. Feed your dog high-quality dog food to give your dog a strong, effective immune system. 

3) Vaccines

There are some diseases that your dog's immune system, no matter how powerful, will be unable to combat. Vaccines are the solution. Vaccines are a modern-day reaction to potentially fatal viral diseases.

4) Hemp Oil - Vet Approved Solution for Treating Skin Infections 

One of the most revolutionary solution for treating skin infection is Hemp Oil. There are a lot of hemp oil benefits for dogs. Your pets go through a lot of changes due to the harsh environment in cities. This might make their skin flaky causing dandruff, and even loss of fur. The hemp seed oil contains essential fatty acids and vitamins that heals and protects your dog's coat from developing any skin conditions.

All pets are prone to sickness and we can not eliminate it. But we can take steps beforehand to prevent our pets from falling sick. Good health and good hygiene are important to keep your dog happy and active. You can trust Pawsindia for all your pet needs. We are a leading e-commerce business dealing in a wide array of pet food, toys, and supplies. Our mission is to bring a change in the paw world by making pet products easily accessible to parents and to keep our fur babies happy and healthy. Let's revolutionise the pet space together. 

With PawsIndia - You Parent, We Pamper 

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