Things to Carry while Collecting Your Puppy

Things to caary while collecting Puppy

The day you pick up your puppy from the breeder is the happiest day of your life. For your puppy, it's just as exciting but also a challenging day. They've been living peacefully with their mother and numerous siblings for the past few weeks, and now they are about to be taken away from them. Sure, your puppy is about to go into a lovely new home, but it's still a big departure from what they're used to. Consider bringing a puppy home like bringing a baby home: they'll require toys, food, a veterinarian, and other necessities to ensure a happy, healthy existence.

Between 8 and 10 weeks of age is the optimal time to bring a puppy home. They should have learnt early canine social skills from their mother and littermates by then. If you take them too soon, they'll lose out on this crucial learning phase, which could harm their physical and emotional health in the future. However, if you withdraw them from their mother and littermates before 10 weeks, you will have lost out on a significant chunk of their socialisation period.

What do you need to carry while going to collect your puppy?

When you go to pick your puppy up, there are a few things you should bring with you to keep them safe and comfortable for the journey home. This checklist is prepared will help you to organise your puppies' resources before you go get them home:

Things to caary while collecting Puppy

  A harness or a lead with an adjustable collar: When walking your puppy to and from the car, keep them safe.

Things to caary while collecting Puppy

  A toy or a blanket: Give your dog's mother a blanket or toy for a bit to collect their fragrance, which should assist your puppy to be calm on the way home. You can easily find puppy friendly dog toys on Pawsindia.

  A dish and a bottle of water: On the way home, make sure your puppy is well hydrated.

  Dog Treats: Bring goodies and keep your puppy engaged with something to chew on to praise them for being well-behaved early on. You can shop for some tasty and equally healthy dog treats from Pawsindia.

  Cleaning materials and poo bags: Be aware that your puppy is unlikely to be toilet trained when you pick him up, so be prepared for accidents.

  An aptly sized crate: This is particularly critical if you're collecting them in your automobile.

The following lengthy list of tips will make taking your puppy home as enjoyable experience as possible:

  • For longer journeys, include a comfortable dog carrier, a warm blanket, and water and food.
  • Your new puppy will most likely be apprehensive about being separated from its litter and surroundings for the first time.
  • Maintain a tranquil environment for them.
  • In a carrier, place your puppy.
  • If the puppy is anxious, don't give it too much attention from youngsters or adults.
  • Ascertain that they have adequate space and access to fresh air.
  • Sit quietly and cuddle the puppy if it exhibits signs of distress.
  • Take extra blankets and give your dog comfort breaks because pups are prone to weeing when anxious or stimulated.
  • Bring your puppy home over the weekend or when you know you'll have plenty of time to devote solely to him. This will allow you to get to know each other better while also assisting the puppy in acclimating to his new home.
    Things to caary while collecting Puppy
  • Give the breeder a tiny blanket to place with the puppy and his mother before you pick up your puppy to bring him home. Take the blanket with you when you pick up the dog; it will comfort him and make him less likely to whimper and be anxious.
  • The family members that pick up the puppy to bring him home will form the strongest attachment with him, so make it a family affair!
  • On the journey home, make sure someone is either holding the puppy in her lap or putting the puppy in a kennel.
  • If the puppy has an accident, be sure to bring paper towels, plastic bags, and an odour neutralizer.
  • Return home immediately after picking up the dog. It may be tempting to introduce your new puppy to a few pals, but it's critical that you get your puppy home and settled as quickly as possible.
  • When you go home, take the dog outside to relieve himself. Walk him around his allocated bathroom area in a calm manner. Also, make sure your yard is puppy-proof before you bring your dog home.
    Things to caary while collecting Puppy
  • When the puppy arrives, make sure that everyone is calm. Being calm and relaxed is the best method to get your puppy to warm up to you. Your dog will be scared if there are too many loud noises or voices.
  • If you have other pets in the house, take your time introducing the puppy to them. Make it all about him on his first day back at home. He'll have plenty of opportunities to get to know the other pets later.
  • Allow the puppy to explore the interior. He may choose to run around or hide beneath the couch and look at you. It's been an exhausting day. Allow him some time to adjust, and make sure you have rules and a routine in place for when he does.

Now, let them roam around freely. They will most certainly sniff and possibly lick everything. This is why you prepared your house so thoroughly beforehand. Allow them to have a dog toy you got from Pawsindia, that you may have acquired beforehand. It's always a nice thing to have something to play with, it'll keep them company in new surroundings, and keep them from chewing on other (more valuable!) items.


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