How to Adopt a New Pet In India : Guide by Pawsindia

Adopting a pet in  india

Congratulations on making this life-changing decision to adopt a Pet! When properly cared for, they are not only intelligent, vigilant, and protective, but they are also affectionate and devoted. But before you welcome your new best friend into your home, there are a few things you should know:

Step 1: Be absolutely ready for commitment.

A conscientious pet parent is a good pet parent. You are responsible for a dog's well-being once you have adopted it. That requires dedicating time each day to feeding, training, exercising, and grooming them. When they're sick and for routine health checks, deworming, and parasite management, you'll need to take them to the vet. If you live with your family, everyone should be on board with your adoption decision. Most significantly, it should be financially feasible for you. 

Step 2: Research for nearby shelters.

Stray dogs are a typical sight in Indian neighbourhoods. You've undoubtedly run into or made a few furry friends in your area. While you may be tempted to adopt a stray dog from the streets, we recommend instead contacting a shelter. This is because stray animals in communities (particularly gated communities) are frequently fed and cared for by residents who are animal lovers. So, if you decide to adopt this manner, make careful to ask local animal lovers if the dog is being cared for and get their approval before bringing your new furry buddy home. If not, visit local animal shelters to meet your future pet.

Step 3: Get to know the dogs.

Spending time with the dogs at the shelter to form friendships is a vital part of the process. Treats are one way to accomplish this. If you find yourself pulled to a dog, give them a treat and take a step back. Repeat this process several times over a few days until the dog approaches the feeding place on its own. You'll know you've earned their confidence and formed a bond with them when this happens.Being a first time pet-parent, we often forget that one should not feed sugary treats to a dog. In such a case, where you don’t know what’s good for him, you can confidently buy and feed Single Ingredient Dog Treat by PawsIndia.  

Step 4: Evaluate the dog you've selected.

Examine the dog's attitude and behaviour around other people and animals. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to share their observations. Inquire about their medical history, including immunisation certificates, information on medical treatments such as sterilisation, and medical records of previous illnesses, injuries, or traumas.

Step 5: Finish the adoption paperwork.

Each shelter will have its own set of rules for adoption. You should expect to submit an adoption form with your information as well as a few important papers to prove your identity and residence. They may also ask a few questions (doing a background check) and provide counselling on how to care for your new pet.

Step 6: Welcome your new family member with open arms.

Make sure you have food and water bowls, dog food, a leash and ID badge, a grooming brush, and a comfortable bed for your dog ready. To make the room dog-friendly, make a few alterations such as tucking away loose cables, storing footwear in a shoe cabinet, securing the garbage with a lid, and keeping medicines, soaps, detergents, and choking hazards out of reach. A trip to the veterinarian is also required within the first few days of your pet's arrival home. Aside from that, give your dog some time to acclimate to its new family and surroundings. It may take a few weeks or even months, so be patient and shower all your affection on them.

When it comes to adopting a furry friend, nothing compares to an Indie. They are truly playful, intelligent, kind, protective, and loyal, contrary to popular notions. Many popular breeds, such as the Siberian Husky, Saint Bernard, Shih Tzu, and others, do not thrive in the Indian environment. They're also a lot easier to train. You are not only preserving and improving an indie's life when you adopt, but you are also speaking out against the practice of breeding for profit. And speaking of all your other pet parenting needs, you've got us! Pawsindia has got you covered for all your pet supplies right from dog treats, dog toys, clothes, leashes, and accessories.

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