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It's great to welcome a new puppy into your house, but the early days can be quite stressful for both you and them. As with human kids, some puppies settle in quickly and others will cause you to lose sleep as they adjust. Also, the first time you feed your puppy is a significant achievement. Understanding what they require at this time can assist you in ensuring a great outcome.

When your puppy leaves their mother and litter, it's a significant change. Follow these helpful hints to make them feel at ease and home with you:

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  • Maintain calm in your home: The unfamiliar sights, noises, and scents, as well as the separation from their mother, maybe stress your puppy. So, to avoid this stress, keep your home peaceful.

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  • Take them outside: Take your puppy outside as soon as you arrive home so they can relieve themselves. If they succeed, praise them with a cheerful tone of voice.
  • Allow your puppy to explore: After your puppy has spent time outside, bring them inside to a safe location that you've blocked off and allow them to sniff and explore at their leisure.
  • Keep an eye on them at all times: When your puppy is becoming acquainted with your home and surroundings, make sure you keep an eye on them at all times. Allow your puppy to come to you for comfort rather than the other way around, as too much human touch can easily overwhelm some puppies.
  • Show them their bed: Put anything in your puppy's bed that has your fragrance on it, as well as a blanket to snuggle with. A clock with a loud tick that resembles their mother's heartbeat can also be helpful. 

Puppies enjoy knowing what they may expect. Plan your feeding, toileting, exercising, and grooming routines ahead of time so you can get started right away. If you know what regimen the breeder used before collection, stick to it until your puppy is established.

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The first night with your puppy

  •  Puppies are easily tired and require a lot of sleep for their healthy development and well-being, so make sure they get plenty of rest. They require up to 18 to 20 hours of sleep every 24 hours initially. As they grow older, this will decrease to roughly 12 to 14 hours. But to help ease that first night's stress and anxiety, follow these guidelines with patience and consistency.
  •   Use a puppy kennel instead of a basket for your puppy's bed because they can see and smell you but not escape. Put it close to where you sleep at first.
  •  Put on your puppy's lead and take them to their potty area if they whine and you suspect they need to go. If you suspect they're lonely or afraid, speak to them calmly and reassuringly, but don't touch or play with them. When they whimper, making too much fuss may encourage undesired attention-seeking behaviour, whereas ignoring your dog may cause worry and frustration.

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How to feed your first-time puppy

You can give your puppy the best start in life by understanding the nutrition and feeding habits of Puppy.

  • Stick to the same diet: Give your puppy the same food as their previous owner for the first week or two, following the feeding recommendations on the pack. Any abrupt food changes can create stress or disturb their digestion.
  • Make a peaceful eating area available: This should be out of the way of where you and your other pets eat. Allow your puppy to eat quietly to avoid them becoming anxious or defensive.
  • Establish a feeding regimen: Knowing when your Puppy will be fed gives them comfort, so start a feeding regimen right away. They'll need four meals a day throughout weaning and three meals a day until they're at least four months old. Talk to your veterinarian if you're unsure.
  • Learn about puppy feeding and nutrition: Instead of one or two large meals per day, young pups benefit from three or four short meals per day. To avoid overeating, you can utilise a portion of their main meal as a food incentive for appropriate behaviours and during training sessions.

Things to do with your Puppy in the first week

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  • Visit the veterinarian with your puppy: After a few days of settling in with you, you may need to take your puppy to the vet for a check-up. They'll need to be vaccinated before they can mix with other dogs, so the vet will put up a vaccination programme for them. They can also provide you with information on everything from worming to nutrition.
  • Learn how to socialise your puppy: As a pet owner, you must assist your puppy to adjust to the outside world and to feel comfortable in new situations. You can assist them in socialising by gradually exposing them to new experiences. Introducing your puppy to new people and animals is an excellent approach to get them ready for the challenges they'll face as they develop. However, it's important to do it correctly.
  • Routines for your puppy during the day and at night: The initial few days and weeks are crucial in ensuring that your puppy fits in with your family and develops into a healthy, well-behaved dog. If at all feasible, take the first week off from work. Then you can concentrate on creating routines that will make them feel safe and understand what is expected of them.

A puppy's brain develops between the ages of four and sixteen weeks, and they become more open to new experiences. This is an excellent time to begin exposing them to new experiences and beginning basic training. Puppies who aren't exposed to a variety of sights, sounds, scents, textures, people, and pets as they grow can develop a variety of behavioural and emotional issues.

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