How To Puppy-Proof Your Home

Getting a new puppy is a fun, demanding, and rewarding experience. You can help your puppy settle in faster if you're well prepared, and it will make your experience more enjoyable as well. There are several things to do before picking up your puppy to ensure that you are prepared. It's critical to make suitable preparations at home in addition to purchasing important equipment for them. Consider the following:

Puppies are curious and enjoy exploring, so make sure your home is safe and secure before bringing your new arrival home. Here's a checklist to help you get ready for your new puppy.

puppy proof your house

  1. Toxic indoor plants: Lilies, aloe vera, ivy, dieffenbachia, caladium, pothos, zamioculcas, and cyclamen are among the most toxic houseplants for dogs and pups. It's advisable to keep all houseplants out of the path of your dog or puppy, double-check that yours aren't a danger to them.
  2. Hazardous materials: Chemicals, cleaning products, medicines, and other harmful items should be kept out of reach of puppers, or put child locks on cabinets if necessary. Dogs are known to be particularly vulnerable to e-cigarette refills and screen washing.
  3. Hazards: While exploring, puppies can easily fall or become stuck. Use stair gates, close windows and external doors, and secure any balconies to keep children safe. Also, ensure there are no tight spots where they could get stuck or fall through.
  4. Electrical sockets and cables: Puppy chewing on electrical lines is quite appealing, and they can also become tangled in them. Use cable ties or covers to conceal yours, and protect plug sockets with covers.
  5. Small things: Put away any small items that puppies could chew or swallow because they prefer to examine things with their mouths. Toys for children, drawing pins, plastic bags, and elastic bands are all examples. Put anything else you don't want your puppy to chew away, such as your shoes.
  6. Hazardous foods: Some of the things we adore can be extremely damaging to your dog, even lethal. Chocolate, coffee, avocados, grapes, and sultanas are among the most well-known hazardous foods (consult your vet for a full list). To be safe, keep all food out of reach of your puppy and make sure your family understands that they should only be fed puppy food.

 What you'll require for your Puppy

Make sure you have everything you'll need to care for your puppy and help him adjust to his new home before he comes. The fundamentals are listed below.

 Use this as a checklist when you go shopping for your new pup:

  • Bedding - Choose one that is easy to clean and will grow with your puppy.

How to puppy proof youe home

  • Mats for puppies - Make sure you have lots of these in case there are emergencies.
  • Crate - One where your adult dog gets enough area to stand up, turn around, lie down, and stretch out.
  • Bowls for food and water - Stainless steel bowls are ideal since they are not chewable, easy to clean, and do not corrode, chip, or break. Puppies who are sensitive to noise may prefer plastic bowls.
  • Food for puppies to help them grow - This should be the same food your puppy is eating before you pick them up.

Chew Toy for puppy

  • Puppy Toys - Purchase appropriate-sized toys, balls, or treat-dispensing chews for your puppy. Rubber toys are the most durable. 


  • Collar & Leash - Select a collar that will grow with your puppy. Also, make sure it's not too tight to slip over their head.
  • Cleaning materials - To avoid your puppy connecting the smell with toilet accidents, buy non-hazardous cleaning solutions with a weak scent.
  • Pet Grooming supplies - You may require a brush, comb, or grooming mitt depending on your puppy's coat type. You'll also need dog-specific nail cutters.
  • Hygiene supplies - Select a toothbrush, toothpaste, and shampoo made specifically for dogs.

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