What To Look For When Bringing A Puppy Home?

Getting a new puppy is a fun, demanding, and rewarding experience. By being well prepared, you may help your puppy settle in faster, and you too will have a more pleasant experience. 

There are several things to do before picking up your puppy to ensure that you are prepared. It's critical to make suitable preparations at home in addition to purchasing important equipment for them. Consider the following:

Ideal age to bring your puppy home


Between 8 and 10 weeks of age is the optimal time to bring a puppy home. They should have been weaned and gained early canine social skills from their mother and littermates by then. If you take them too soon, they'll lose out on this crucial learning phase, which could have a negative impact on their physical and emotional health in the future. However, if you withdraw them from their mother and littermates before 10 weeks, you will have lost out on a significant chunk of their socialisation period.

Bringing puppy Home

When should you bring your Puppy home?

It's crucial to get your puppy while you have a few days free at home to look after them. It's also great if the house is calm during the early days, with few visitors, so your dog can settle in without being distracted. If possible, pick them up first thing in the morning so they have time to adjust to their new surroundings before night. 

Questions to ask the breeder of your puppy

Your puppy's breeder/ adoption centre will have a wealth of knowledge that you may utilise to assist your puppy adjust to your home and stay healthy. Remember to ask them the following questions, as well as any more that are specific to your dog: 

Bringing puppy Home

  • Is your puppy completely weaned?
  • What kind of food do they get and when do they get it?
  • Have they started toilet training, and if so, how far along are they?
  • What is their current daytime and evening routine?
  • Have they been examined by a veterinarian?
  • Have they had any medical problems?
  • Have they received any immunizations, and if yes, when is the next one due?
  • When were their worming treatments administered?
  • Do they have a chip for identification?
  • What kinds of social interactions have they had thus far?
  • What are their parents' personalities and temperaments like, and do they have health certificates?

How to handle the adventure when bringing a puppy home?

It's possible that this will be your puppy's first automobile ride. It's critical that the pup feels at ease so that future car rides are not stressful. If at all possible, take someone with you to console them while you're driving.

Puppy Toys

Before leaving the breeder, double-check that you have all of the papers and have asked all of your questions and that your puppy hasn't just been fed to avoid any travel sickness. You should also take them on a stroll to tire them out and allow them to use the restroom. Make sure your puppy's new collar doesn't slip over their head; it should only fit two fingers inside when it's around their neck. Put a treat in the car and give your dog something to chew on to entice them to get in. In these cases, a towel or toy that smells like their mother works wonders. During the journey your pup may bark or cry, even if you've done everything to comfort them, reassure them calmly. When you arrive home, take them to the washroom, so they can take a leak and be very calm and comforting when taking them inside.

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