Pet Parenting

PawsIndia’s Guide to Minimizing the Expense of Dog Parenthood in India

There's no denying it - Dog parenthood can be rewarding in so many ways, but taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility and it can become quite expensive. A dog is like your own child, they require your time, energy, and money. We've got some s... read full blog

Did You Know

7 Most Popular Best Cat Breeds In India : Pawsindia

People often assert that it is impossible to "own a cat," and they aren't entirely mistaken. Cats are possessive; they cling to their territory more so than to people. Consequently, cats and dogs differ greatly from one another. But due to their i... read full blog

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Dress Your Dog with Cool Custom Accessories!

Want to make your furry friend look extra stylish? You're in luck! Our personalized dog accessories will make your dog look cool and feel special. While our dogs may not understand the concept of fashion, they certainly appreciate the extra love and attention that comes with wearing a stylish accessory. When we dress our dogs in customized dog bandana, we're not just making a fashion statement; we're expressing our love and affection for them... read full blog

Why Your Pet Needs a Personalized ID Tag

  A Personalized dog id tags isn't just a piece of metal—it's your pet's ticket home. As a good pet owner, it's important to keep your furry friend safe. One way to do this is with personalized name tags for dogs. As a responsible pet owner, ensuring the safety and well-being of your furry companion is a top priority. One often overlooked but crucial aspect of pet care is identification.Personalized name tags for dogs offer a simple yet effec... read full blog

Best interactive dog toys: Our top picks 2024

Dogs are more than just pets—they're family. And just like any family member, they need fun things to do! That's where interactive dog toys come in. These toys are like puzzles or games that keep your dog entertained and happy. At Pawsindia, we're passionate about providing fun solutions for your furry companions. So Cheers to the ones who greet us with wagging tails and wet kisses, who offer comfort in times of sorrow and companionship in mo... read full blog

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