Pet Parenting

PawsIndia’s Guide to Minimizing the Expense of Dog Parenthood in India

There's no denying it - Dog parenthood can be rewarding in so many ways, but taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility and it can become quite expensive. A dog is like your own child, they require your time, energy, and money. We've got some s... read full blog

Did You Know

7 Most Popular Best Cat Breeds In India : Pawsindia

People often assert that it is impossible to "own a cat," and they aren't entirely mistaken. Cats are possessive; they cling to their territory more so than to people. Consequently, cats and dogs differ greatly from one another. But due to their i... read full blog

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Here's What You Might Not Know About The Best Dog Food in India

Is there anything cuter than a happy, healthy pup? We don't think so! And one of the most important factors in keeping your furry friend feeling great is providing them with a nutritious diet. After all, you are what you eat and the same goes for our canine companions. But let's be real, navigating the world of dog food can be overwhelming. With so many different brands and labels to choose from, how do you know which one is the best fit for y... read full blog

How To Reduce Shedding In Dogs?

Have you ever pondered how to halt canine shedding or what initially prompts it? Most of the time, shedding is the coat's normal process of getting rid of old, disconnected, and occasionally damaged hair. Older hair must be lost to make place for new, healthy hair, which keeps your dog's coat thick and warm. All dogs shed, though some more than others, and it can be stressful for pet owners who feel like they are doing nothing but vacuuming up... read full blog

Cat Hygiene checklist

There's nothing greater than pampering your pet and making them look like a star. Most cats have real pride in their appearance. Cats usually like to remain clean. Grooming your cat plays a big role in bonding as well. Grooming your cat will make her look great and feel great too! Regular grooming also helps in checking their body conditions and spotting any unusual signs of health problems. A clean cat is a happy cat and we are here to help y... read full blog

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